Andi Wagner (aka Andrea) was a Co-Host for the pop culture trivia game show “Trashed” on MTV as well as a Host/Writer of “Healthy Living" on FiT TV and hosted “Friday Night” on NBC. She moved behind the camera and for over 15 years, worked in casting for popular dating and game shows, as well as writing and producing segments on the syndicated talk show.

But that was a different chapter of her life...........

Now, she’s a crazed, multitasking actress, comedienne, and indefatigable mother of an energetic 13-year-old boy, whose rediscovering and redefining her purpose in mid-life.

Thanks to a wicked mid-life crash a few years ago, Andi made the ultimate decision to break free from the monotony of motherhood by performing stand-up at local comedy clubs. A firecracker mother with no filter, she enjoyed finding the humor in parenting and marriage, one joke at a time. *(she's since separated, obviously it's not a safe bet to joke about s*#t that happens in the bedroom!)

Andi performed at The Comedy Store, The Ice House, Flappers, Westside Comedy Theater, HA HA’s, The Warehouse and in numerous holes-in-the wall across Los Angeles.

Andi’s career in television started as a junior in college when she was selected as a contestant in Miami Florida, at the Broward County Fair, and flown to LA to appear on “The All New Dating Game.” Afterwards, Andi landed a gig on the show interning as a Contestant Coordinator and continuing to work for Barris Productions on "The All New Dating Game," “The All New Newlywed Game,” and “The Gong Show.”

She continued her career in casting for shows like “The Love Connection," “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” “The Big Date,” "People are Funny," “The Quiz Kids Challenge” and many more.

Andi switched gears as a Segment Producer for MTV’s “The Cut,” USA’s “Lover or Loser,” and the daily talk show, “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” with Cybill Shepard.

Most recently, Andi was tested emotionally, physically and psychologically on TNT’s reality competition series, “72 Hours” where she was dropped in the beautiful but frigid alps of New Zealand with two strangers, a bottle of water and only a GPS. Three teams of three complete strangers compete to find $100,000 in 72 hours. Andi’s team survived the grueling challenge and won.

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