My kid hates to sleep

I love to sleep. I will go so far as to say I even love sleep more than eating chocolate. Why then, did I get a child that absolutely abhors sleeping? I feel like the past 8 yearsof my life, I’ve been tormented trying to get my child to sleep. When he was an infant I had to swaddle him tightly and put him in the swing or bounce him on an exercise ball and when that didn’t work, I’d strap him in his car seat and we would go for a ride, a VERY long ride. If I could still do that, I would.Just when I think my eight-year-old is ready to fall asleep, he has to: go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, get something to eat, get another drink of water and stall another 30 minutes. The guy who wrote the book “Go the F%#@& to sleep” couldn’t have said it more perfectly.

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